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If you or any member of the family has respiratory allergies or you’re planning to renovate part of your home, it is the high time to consider for installing a radiant floor heating system. This underfloor heating technique has been around for centuries and has been used by ancient Roman and Korean civilizations using burnt coal. However, with the modern system boiler and independent electrical heating pads, the underfloor heating became efficient and long-lasting. And with Acorn’s Underfloor Heating in South West London, it has also become more affordable.

What Is Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant floor heating could be a technique of heating your home through putting in a heating plant beneath your flooring. Similar to warming yourself by sunbathing, radiant floor heating warms the flooring instead of the air around it. This provides an excellent quantity of heat over your entire floor area while not requiring to heat the inside air. It’s also soothing to walk and even for young children to crawl on the floors.

Two types of radiant floor heating can be applied inside every residential property without the need for expensive labor.

  1. Electric Floor Heating

Whether you need a complete electrical radiant floor heating mats installations or to rewire the cables, the proper solution is to hire our Electrical Heating Services in South West London for your in-floor heating needs. Acorn’s electrical technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to properly install a system and rewire that stays operational for long. Electrical radiant floor heating is also preferred over water system just because they can easily be connected with your existing electrical supply requiring little to no ongoing maintenance.

  1. Hydronic Floor Heating

The Hydronic floor heating uses plastic piping that’s laid underneath your flooring, which safely circulates hot water from your boilers and warms up the premises. The cool water inside is removed and directed to the boiler where it’s reheated and sent back out to warm your space.

The piping used for Hydronic Floor Heating is leak-resistant, non-toxic, very durable and approved by our Heating Services in South West London. It also doesn’t create any waste as the water is reused after completing the cycle.

  • The Pinnacle of Comfort

If you’ve ever walked into an area that has radiant floor heating, you’d understand what a luxury it is. Once the winter hits and it becomes hard to bear the weather, these radiant heating floors serve an unpatrolled convenience. Though a centrally heated room controls the temperature as well, there’s a great experience difference for both the types.

We even offer Emergency Heating Services in South West London in regard to the Radiant floor heating. As it is an inexpensive and durable temperature control method, you can also find it safer and less difficult to maintain. If you need any more information about the products we work with, you are always welcome to ask about the customer support directory. Just tell us what you want, and it’ll be provided with reliability and affordability to satisfy all your needs.

Commercial Plumbing and Heating

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